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29 July 2009 @ 11:19 am
NEW: Leathers, gems and studs!  

Many changes have come about within the Collar Factory office over the last year. Our founding web administrator has moved on (though she still does some off-site work for us) and the rest of us have stepped up and taken on different aspects of the Collar Factory functions. It has become a real TEAM effort and is working very well.

Although nothing has been posted here over the past year, it is our hope that we can start posting some updates to alert you of new and excited items that have arrived.

So...please check out the new leathers, gems and hardware that have come in over the last year.

* NEW LEATHERS: We now have 5 colors in our metallic leathers! Gold, Silver, Red Blue and Purple. We have also added a Teal leather as well.

* NEW GEMS: We have added DOME Gems in Purple, Red, Sapphire, Onyx and Crystal. These sit higher than our original gems. We have also added a "stone" looking gem as well...named Gemocite and it comes in Rose, Purple and Green.

* NEW STUDS: We have recently added several new stud designs as well...allowing for some wonderful design capabilities.

Come check our website out and create some new collars, cuffs and belts for your upcoming fall wardrobe!